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Who is the source of the Universe?

The Vedas declare that the cause and source of the whole universe are God, Brahmam. We are experiencing both pleasure and pain according to His Programming.


Peace Invocation

May I never deny my oneness with God and may God never deny his oneness with me.


How does God reveal Himself?

When the spiritual seeker keeps on striving in his quest for the spirit, he gets glimpses of God, either the personal aspect of the impersonal aspect.

one god

One God or Many Gods?

तस्माद्वा इन्द्रोऽतितरामिवान्यान्देवान्स ह्येनन्नेदिष्ठं पस्पर्श स ह्येनत्प्रथमो विदाञ्चकार ब्रह्मेति ॥ २८ ॥ tasmaat vaa indro atitaraami … Read more