gurudev paramahansa atmananda

“Be actively calm, and calmly active”

Maintain mental peace and calmness under all circumstances. Practice Kriya Yoga daily.


Exercise is for the body, reading is to the mind
realize god

How to Realize God?

एवं निरन्तराभ्यस्ता ब्रह्मैवास्मीति वासना ।हरत्यविद्याविक्षेपान् रोगानिव रसायनम् ॥ ३७॥ ebam nirantara abhyastaabrahmai baasmiti baasanaaharatyavidya bikhepadrogaa…

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For more than four decades, Kriya Yoga Dhyana Kendra in Rourkela, Odisha, India, provides a central hub for the practice of Kriya Yoga and the sharing of teachings from God and the Kriya Yoga Gurus. Our goal is to promote physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Our official publication is Kriya Yoga Sandesh and we invite you to visit our Kriya Yoga Jagat website as well.