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The True Knower

Even if living in the world and related functions like seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and eating, he lives happily, stress-free, free from duality and sufferings.


Power of Understanding

Samjaya was the official and personal charioteer of the blind king. He was highly advanced yogi and spiritual personality. He could be the alter ego of the blind king, but, with vast wisdom and power of understanding.


Jyoti Mudra and Mundako Upanisad

Inside the brilliant sheath of golden illumination of the spirit, is residing the purest, unfragmented Brahmam, the supreme spirit, without any blemishes. He is the light of the brilliance of the Sun and other heavenly bodies.

A Wise person should keep the speech and senses under control of the mind. Also, keep that disciplined mind under the control of the intellect

The Wisdom of The Upanishads

Everything comes from memory and goes back to memory. Every being project its mind and senses out in the creation. During sleep, it withdraws the mind inside and perceives the dream experiences.

viveka chudamoni

The Astabakra Samhita Treatise – On Peace

The Self-Realized one knows that all (everything) is nothing but imagination and theSelf is eternal and free. Such is the wise one who behaves ignorantly like a child.


Attaining 3 Rarest Advantages

Until a person wakes up to the knowledge of his identity with the Atman(SOUL), liberation can never be attained.


Self Enquiry – Atma Sandhan

The very purpose of Self Enquiry is to focus the mind at its source. Every kind of Sadhana except ATMA VICHARA presupposes the retention of the mind.