The Supreme Soul - Swetaswatara Upanishad Chapter3 Verse20

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पुरुष एवेदꣳ सर्वं यद् भूतं यच्च भव्यम् ।
उतामृतत्वस्येशानो यदन्नेनातिरोहति ॥ १५॥

purusa evedam sarbam yad bhootam yaccha bhabyam
utaamruta twasyeshaano yadanne naati rohati

(Swetaawatara Upanishad Chapter3 Verse15)

That which existed before, That which will exist in the future, and That which consumes the food and keeps growing this whole Creation, this whole Universe is the manifestation of the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul. He shatters the bondage and is the Lord of Immortality and Eternity. He is also the giver of Immortality. So, therefore all liberation-seeking people should seek His shelter.