Samsara Sagar -The Ocean of the World

Hope you are doing fine and so also your family members and friends and relatives. The world is known as Samsara Sagar, meaning the Ocean of the World. It is also known as Karma Bhoomi and Bhoga Bhoomi, meaning the field of Action and the field of enjoying the merits and demerits of one’s own actions.

personality traits

Always expect the unexpected

Perform all actions as service to the Supreme without being influenced by the thoughts of the results. Remember as much as you can, the transitoriness of everything in the creation.

true identity

The True Eternal Identity

As per the Laws of Nature, nothing is everlasting or permanent. The only light beyond the tunnel of Creation is the Self effulgent Soul, your own dearest Soul, your true eternal identity. The SAT CHIT AANANDA, Blissful, Self, You