Peace Invocation

May I never deny my oneness with God and may God never deny his oneness with me.

prana and pranayama

Prana and Pranayama – Lahiri Mahasaya

If by any method the Prana is stilled or calmed, the mind will be calmed. Again by any method if the mind can be calmed then the Praan can also be calmed and stilled.


Lahiri Mahasaya – His Teachings

Constantly be fully aware of the soul in the soul center and perform all your duties and activities. This becomes possible only by practicing sufficient Prana Karma or Kriya Pranayama.


Paramatma, Paraprakruti and The Jeevatmaa –

The individual self is compared to one bird and the supreme self as the other bird. God, the supreme self and, Jeevaatma, the individual self, are two close friend birds, live together in the same human body (tree), in the cave of the heart.


Kriya Yoga – The Spiritual Science

Whether one likes or not, if one practices Kriya, one will surely attain self Realization. Bhakti or Love will appear automatically.

om the supreme

Om – The Supreme

He is the Almighty, abiding everywhere, the Supreme Lord. He, by his cosmic play, makes his one form, so many. That wise saint, who constantly perceives that Supreme Soul within his own heart

Sri lahiri mahasayad1

Divine Teachings – Sri Lahiri Mahasaya

If you increase the practice more and more, diseases go away, sins of prior births get burnt, purity is achieved. Spiritual knowledge comes and the darkness of ignorance is destroyed.