Lahiri Mahasaya – His Teachings

Addressing the Kriyabans, Lahiri Mahasaya says:

As you continue to practice Kriya Pranayams, the Prana Energy ascends to the top of the head and stays there, the Yogi is no more aware of the body. At that time only, the Yogi becomes established in the Kootastha or attains Brahmasthiti, or in the Soul Center.

Kriya Pranayama

The Yogi constantly experiences Self Identity with Brahmam or Soul, attains freedom from attachments and ego. If you strive for this state, you too can attain liberation. Constantly be fully aware of the soul in the soul center and perform all your duties and activities. This becomes possible only by practicing sufficient Prana Karma or Kriya Pranayama.

What is Ego?

I was the doer, perceiving God, or seeing you in front of me. This is the Ego. This ego is hurting you and poisoning you. For this, you experience so much pain and suffering in the world. Even if you try so many remedies, you are not getting mental peace and for this, you are praying for advice and blessings. So I am telling you, ‘I am not the doer, nor I am the enjoyer. When you experience the Paraabastha of Kriya Yoga, this faith comes to you automatically. Accepting this nectar of faith, remain in the blissful Brahmam, meaning, remain in the Paravstha of Kriya Yoga. This is liberation. The opposite of this is bondage.

May the Almighty, working through Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you and remove your troubles.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda ji

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