Proper Understanding of The Bhagavad Gita – Part 119

These few vital verses describe the individual soul, leaving one body at death and occupying a new body to work out its Karma or Destiny or Actions, physical, mental and verbal. The individual soul is known as Jeevaatma or being, the Supreme Soul is known as Paramaatma or God.

श्रोत्रं चक्षु: स्पर्शनं च रसनं घ्राणमेव च |
अधिष्ठाय मनश्चायं विषयानुपसेवते || 9||

śhrotraṁ chakṣhuḥ sparśhanaṁ cha rasanaṁ ghrāṇam eva cha
adhiṣhṭhāya manaśh chāyaṁ viṣhayān upasevate

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 9

General Meaning:

The individual Soul, Jeevaatma, presides over the organs of eyes, ears, the touch sensation, the taste sensation, the smell, and the mind too. Using these, he experiences and enjoys the objects of the senses.

Explanatory Notes:

The individual Self, Jeevaatma, is the boss of the organization, of the different biological, physiological, and psychological organs put together by Nature. to perceive is known as Being. the body is comparable to a microcosmic corporation. Using these different departments or organs, the Jeevaatma gathers information, processes them, and executes orders and in the process enjoys the experiences. In a wise state the Jeevatma, Lords over the organization of the organs and bosses over them wisely, keep them under discipline, and never suffers or never gets stressed. However things go wrong, when the discipline, and ignored, these different units of the organization, ignore the Boss and become uncontrollable and chaos occur with negative experiences known as sufferings.

उत्क्रामन्तं स्थितं वापि भुञ्जानं वा गुणान्वितम् |
विमूढा नानुपश्यन्ति पश्यन्ति ज्ञानचक्षुष: || 10||

utkrāmantaṁ sthitaṁ vāpi bhuñjānaṁ vā guṇānvitam
vimūḍhā nānupaśhyanti paśhyanti jñāna-chakṣhuṣhaḥ

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 10

General Meaning:

The soul, when exiting the body, or, abiding in it and enjoying the experiences, or is in association with the Gunas, the delude dare not able to perceive It. Only those, in whom, the wisdom eye are activated,perceive it.

Explanatory Notes:

The Soul or Jeevaatma cannot be perceived by the sense organs. Because It is much more subtle than these. Even the mind can not perceive It. Though in the time of its own choosing, the soul either exits the body at death or enters it at conception. It experiences and enjoys life, through the sense organs and in association with three Gunas, these can only be perceived through the third eye or the spiritual eye of the wise. The unwise deluded persons cannot perceive It. Hence become a victim of the law of Karma and suffer a lot in their lifetime and become stressful due to their conditioned mind. The deluded are blinded by Maya or Relativity. Only a true Guru can help the seeker to activate his wisdom or spiritual eye and enable him to perceive this truth.

यतन्तो योगिनश्चैनं पश्यन्त्यात्मन्यवस्थितम् |
यतन्तोऽप्यकृतात्मानो नैनं पश्यन्त्यचेतस: || 11||

yatanto yoginaśh chainaṁ paśhyanty ātmany avasthitam
yatantopsyakṛitātmāno nainaṁ paśhyanty achetasaḥ

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 11

General Meaning:

The spiritual seekers, who, keep on trying for perfection, realize Him, dwelling in their own heart. However, those, whose mind is not purified, remain unwise and unintelligent and even if, they keep trying, they cannot perceive the self.

Explanatory Notes:

In addition to sufficient Practice, Power of Understanding(Intelligence) is required to perceive the Self in the self. The restlessness of the mind is known as the impure mind. A calm and concentrating mind is a pure mind. Kriya Yoga practice daily makes the mind calm and pure, thereby improving intelligence and power of understanding. To achieve this, to have a Guru is necessary.

यदादित्यगतं तेजो जगद्भासयतेऽखिलम् |
यच्चन्द्रमसि यच्चाग्नौ तत्तेजो विद्धि मामकम् || 12||

yad ādityagataṁ tejo jagad bhāsayate ’khilam
yach chandramasi yach chāgnau tat tejo viddhi māmakam

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 12

General Meaning:

That light which is residing in the Sun and illumines the whole world, and that light which is in the Moon and also the light and energy, which are in the fire. Know that, those light and energy to be Mine.

Explanatory Notes:

The Sun’s brilliant light which enlightens the whole world, is borrowed light, from God. The soothing joyful light of the Moon is borrowed light of God. The light, the energy of the Fire, belongs to God. One should remember this and attain wisdom. In other words, the Sun, the Moon,the body the Fire are parts of God. The Real Master is God.

गामाविश्य च भूतानि धारयाम्यहमोजसा |
पुष्णामि चौषधी: सर्वा: सोमो भूत्वा रसात्मक: || 13||

gām āviśhya cha bhūtāni dhārayāmy aham ojasā
puṣhṇāmi chauṣhadhīḥ sarvāḥ somo bhūtvā rasātmakaḥ

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 13

General Meaning:

I pervade the Earth and uphold all beings by My Energy. I become the joyous life giving Moon and nourish the healing herbs.

Explanatory Notes:

It is God only, whose life and Energy permeates the Earth and all beings and supports and uphold all beings. The very life which energizes and pulsates in all beings, enabling them to survive and flourish is God’s Life Energy or Prana. It is God only, who appears as the soothing and healing benevolent Moon, who nourishes the healing life-giving herbs.

अहं वैश्वानरो भूत्वा प्राणिनां देहमाश्रित: |
प्राणापानसमायुक्त: पचाम्यन्नं चतुर्विधम् || 14||

ahaṁ vaiśhvānaro bhūtvā prāṇināṁ deham āśhritaḥ
prāṇāpāna-samāyuktaḥ pachāmy annaṁ chatur-vidham

The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 Verse 14

General Meaning:

I become the Vaiswaanar fire and reside in all living beings. In combination with Prana and Apana, I digest the 4 types of food.

Explanatory Notes:

I reside in all beings as the digestive fire (Vaiswaanara Agni). The 4 types of food (chewable, sucking, licking, and drinking) enjoyed by all beings are digested, assimilated, and metabolized by Me, using the combination of the specific Pranas, known as Prana and Apana.

Dear Divine Friends, if you study these verses with a calm mind, with a positive attitude and being free from Prejudice and partiality, you can understand clearly, that. The source of life, light, energy and, function in all beings is one only – the Soul, the Spirit, God. Nothing exists without Him. This is the unity in diversity. In reality, there is no separateness. The only ONE, pervades and upholds, the apparently appealing creations and Creatures as too many multiples. Daily Kriya Yoga practice will make the mind calm and concentrating and pure. This will enable us to have refined vision, perception, and wisdom, to realize the Truth, which is Eternal. Every being is potentially divine. The main purpose of life is to realize this unity with divinity SAT-CHIT-AANANDAM. This is attaining perfection.

May God bless you with Love, Laughter, Light, Longevity and Life.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

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