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Proper Understanding Of The Bhagavad Gita – Part 138

Dear Divine Friends,
Pranams, Loving Greetings.

Hope you are maintaining your physical fitness, efficiency, mental peace, and calmness under all circumstances, both favorable and unfavorable. Daily twice practice of Kriya Yoga gives these benefits. We came across a beautiful introductory verse of the Bhagavad Gita. This verse explains who taught Bhagavad Gita to whom and for what purpose. What teachings it contains and what it is and how it should be studied and its greatness and benefits.

ॐ पार्थाय प्रतिबोधितां भगवता नारायणेन स्वयं व्यासेन ग्रथितां पुराणमुनिना मध्ये महाभारतम् ।
अद्वैतामृतवर्षिणीं भगवतीम्- अष्टादशाध्यायिनीम् अम्ब त्वामनुसन्दधामि भगवद्- गीते भवद्वेषिणीम् ॥ १॥

pārthāya pratibodhitāḿ bhagavatā nārāyaṇena svayaḿ
vyāsena grathitāḿ purāṇamuninā madhye mahābhārate
advaitāmṛta-varṣiṇīḿ bhagavatīm aṣṭādaśādhyāyinīḿ
amba tvām anusandadhāmi bhagavad-gīte bhava-dveṣiṇīm

The Bhagavad Gita Introductory Verse

General Meaning:

For the favorable and personal counseling of Arjun by theLord Himself and incorporated by the ancient sage Vyaasadev, in the great epic, Mahabharat which contains the immortality-giving nectar-like Adwaita Philosophy. Supreme Protection, Divine Mother, I will study and do research about you. O’ Song Divine, you are the destroyer of worry, anxiety, and fears, and stress of worldly life. Bhagavad Gita is a priceless work of life and living. It is a source of stress-free lifestyle leading to Self Realization and of attaining perfection. It is beyond the limits of caste, creed, religion, culture, race, and gender & civilizations.

The knowledge existed before Krisna. Lord Krishna rescued it from almost oblivious (effect of time) and codified it, systematized it and commented on it and taught it to Arjun, Radha, Uddhaba, Akrura, Satyaki, & Narada and few others. The very ancient Saint and Sage, Vyaas Mahamuni, incorporated it in the great epic Mahabharata. In the last issue of the Kriya Yoga Sandesh, we covered up to verse 62 of chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita. We restart from verse 63 of the same chapter.

इति ते ज्ञानमाख्यातं गुह्याद्गुह्यतरं मया |
विमृश्यैतदशेषेण यथेच्छसि तथा कुरु || 63||

iti te jñānam ākhyātaṁ guhyād guhyataraṁ mayā
vimṛuśhyaitada śheṣheṇa yathechchhasi tathā kuru

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 63

General Meaning:

Such is the spiritual wisdom, the greatest secret of all secrets, has been described to you by ME. Thinking deeply about it, in detail, now you can act as you decide.

Explanatory Notes:

In this verse Lord Krishna is reminding Arjun that in the preceding verses he has described to him, the most secret spiritual wisdom which is the greatest secret of all secret knowledge. He advises him to think about it deeply and then decide the line of action and act accordingly.

सर्वगुह्यतमं भूय: शृणु मे परमं वच: |
इष्टोऽसि मे दृढमिति ततो वक्ष्यामि ते हितम् || 64||

sarva-guhyatamaṁ bhūyaḥ śhṛuṇu me paramaṁ vachaḥ
iṣhṭo asi me dṛuḍham iti tato vakṣhyāmi te hitam

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 64

Verse Analysis:

The greatest secret of all secrets, again listen to my Supreme Words, as you are dearest to me, I will tell you, which is good for you.

Explanatory Notes:

Here Lord Krishna is reminding Arjun again to calm down and attentively listen to Him as he will again speak the most secret, supreme words because these words are very beneficial for him. Lord Krishna gave this concession to Arjuna because he is the most favorite of him. The teachings of the Bhagawat Gita started with Arjuna’s Visada Yoga or mental agitation, stress, and depression Arjuna, Lord Krishna might have observed that he might not have the full attention of Arjuna yet.

मन्मना भव मद्भक्तो मद्याजी मां नमस्कुरु |
मामेवैष्यसि सत्यं ते प्रतिजाने प्रियोऽसि मे || 65||

manmanā bhava madbhakto madyājī māṁ namaskuru
mām evaiṣhyasi satyaṁ te pratijāne priyo asi me

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18, Verse 65

General Meaning:

Fix your mind on Me. Be devoted to Me. Meditate on Me. Then surely you will attain Me. Sincerely I promise to you, because you are dear to Me.

Explanatory Notes:

In this verse, Lord Krishna, with utmost sincerity and assurances, is advising Arjuna, about getting God’s direct Blessings and help. He advises him to attach and fix the mind on the Supreme Spirit (Lord Krishna). He should be devoted to Him, without any doubt or distraction. Humbly he should sincerely carry out His instructions. If he can do it, undoubtedly he will achieve God’s loving attention and be a part of God’s will. Lord Krishna again reminds Arjuna that because he is dearest to Him and taken shelter under his guidance and direction, he is advising him the highest and the most secret special knowledge.

सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज |
अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुच: || 66||

sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekaṁ śharaṇaṁ vraja
ahaṁ tvāṁ sarva-pāpebhyo mokṣhayiṣhyāmi mā śhuchaḥ

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 66

General Meaning:

Surrendering all religions and duties to me, take refuge in me, alone I will liberate you from all sins, do not worry.

Explanatory Notes:

As evident from the teachings of the previous chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna was in a disturbed state of the mind. Though he was a warrior King and military leader, he was also a philosopher of very high intellect. Unlike many other military leaders of his time, he was of an analytical mind and entertained high humanitarian values. Though, a born warrior (Kshatriya), yet he was averse to violence and killings. There was a conflicting situation. He was convinced about his professional duties yet was kind-hearted and sentimental.

But, to his right decision and good luck, he befriended Lor Krishna. This, in fact, saved him from failure and misfortune. Initially his mental agitation and stress, Krisna’s nectar-like teachings, -almost prevented him from following Lord Krishna’s advice. But Lord Krishna’s loving encouragement and, in-depth spiritual counseling prevailed. Arjun calmed down and surrendered his mind and Ego to his spiritual counselor and friend; recognized his duties and performed his duties well, mentally surrendering the results to his friend, philosopher, and guide.

इदं ते नातपस्काय नाभक्ताय कदाचन |
न चाशुश्रूषवे वाच्यं न च मां योऽभ्यसूयति || 67||

idaṁ te nātapaskyāya nābhaktāya kadāchana
na chāśhuśhruṣhave vāchyaṁ na cha māṁ yo abhyasūtayi

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 66

General Meaning:

You should never teach these lesions to people who do not have self discipline, nor devotion, nor to a person who is unwilling to listen with care nor unwilling to give service. Also these should never be taught to people who have negative attitude to God.

Explanatory Notes:

In this verse, Lord Krishna speaks about the qualifications of a person to whom these most secret spiritual teachings should be taught. The qualified person must be practicing austerities or self-discipline as per the advice of his Guru or teacher. The person must havefaith, love and devotion. The person should be willing to listen and learn. The person should be ready to render service to the spiritual teacher. Also, the person should not have negative attitude towards God and Gurus.

य इदं परमं गुह्यं मद्भक्तेष्वभिधास्यति |
भक्तिं मयि परां कृत्वा मामेवैष्यत्यसंशय: || 68||

ya idaṁ paramaṁ guhyaṁ madbhakteṣhv abhidhāsyati
bhaktiṁ mayi parāṁ kṛutvā mām evaeṣhyaty asanśhayaḥ

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Verse 66

General Meaning:

That person who with supreme devotion to me teaches this supreme secret spiritual knowledge to my devotees will undoubtedly reach me.

Explanatory Notes:

Here Lord Krishna is giving a guarantee to attain God-Realization. Those spiritual persons with supreme devotion to God, selflessly teach this supremely secret spiritual knowledge to the sincere devotees of God, will reach God without any doubt. Supreme devotion necessarily means total, unconditional self-surrender to God, whatever they think or speak or do, is without expectation of any reward, fear of failure or punishment. These people have transcended their ego and hence removed the barrier between themselves and God, the Supreme Spirit. Such is the glory of God and his devotees. Practically speaking only sincere and correct Kriya Yoga practice can give this Blessed Realization. So, dear friends, please practice Kriya Yoga daily and attain perfection and go beyond all sufferings and realize God.


May God bless you with Love, Laughter, Light, Longevity and Life.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

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