Soul – Master of Time, Space and Nature

Dear God-like friends,
Pranams, Namaste, Greetings. Hope you are doing fine, in spite of the fact that life is a Mixed Blessing. In many parts of the world, the winter has been severe. Millions of people have experienced lots of suffering and hardship. The weather has become cruel and unpredictable. However, the Seasons change. The winter will be driven out by the spring season. With the advent of the spring season, the weather will be kinder and pleasant. People will forget the unpleasantness of the winter. But, Time marches on, even beyond the month of March. Soon it will be replaced by the Summer. The Summer, in some places on the Earth, could be as devastating as the severe winter in other parts of the world. Time takes its toll on the material aspects of nature and the Creation.

The spirit, the invisible, imperceptible, is the Master and is never influenced by Time. In fact, the Soul or the Spirit is the Master of Time, Space & Nature. In every Being, both, the matter and the spirit, exist together, like two identical birds living in the same tree. Every person has two aspects to his identity. One, material or the destructible, and the other, the spirit which is indestructible. The material consists of the physical body, the mind, the intellect, and the ego. The spiritual consists of the Soul or the Inner Self. These two co-exist together, harmoniously. The adhesive which binds them into one unit is love. Their actions, i.e. physical, mental, verbal become their destiny or Karma. The results they experience depends on this Karma. Governed by Mother Nature or the Power of God, there are three qualities or Gunas to these actions. These are Saatwik, Raajsik, and, Taamasik. These activities of mother Nature, through the Gunas, maintain the Creation and its continuity. The ultimate support and inspiration exist together Brahmam, God’s direct, manifested, un-differentiated, energy.

May God and Guru Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire each one of us and the Whole Universe.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

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