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The Supreme Being – Beyond the reach of organs of Cognition and Action

इन्द्रियेभ्यः परं मनो मनसः सत्त्वमुत्तमम् । 
सत्त्वादधि महानात्मा महतोऽव्यक्तमुत्तमम् ॥ ७ ॥

indriyebhyaḥ paraṃ mano manasaḥ sattvamuttamam
sattvādadhi mahānātmā mahato’vyaktamuttamam

Katha Upanishad Chapter 2.3 Verse 7

Greater than the sense organs is the mind, greater than the mind is the intellect, greater than the intellect is the Soul. The Soul is the master and owner of all these. Greater than this individual Soul is the un-manifest Mother Nature, which is the Causal body. This is a part of God’s power, Maya, which has kept it in bondage.

व्यक्तात्तु परः पुरुषो व्यापकोऽलिङ्ग एव च । 
यं ज्ञात्वा मुच्यते जन्तुरमृतत्वं च गच्छति ॥ ८ ॥

avyaktāttu paraḥ puruṣo vyāpako’liṅga eva ch
yaṃ jñātvā mucyate janturamṛtatvaṃ ch gacchati

Katha Upanishad Chapter 2.3 Verse 8

Yet, greater than this un-manifest Mother Nature and its Master and Lord is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul (Paramatma), who is formless,un-perceptible, pervades everywhere, every being. Realizing Him, the individual soul becomes free from the bondage of Maya or Mother Nature and attains Immortality and Supreme Joy. Therefore, it should be the prime duty, and the first priority of every right-minded person, to be free from the intricate bondage of Mother Nature (Maya). For this, he should pray to, meditate on, and take shelter in this Supreme Param Brahmam, Paramatma, God.

नैव वाचा न मनसा प्राप्तुं शक्यो न चक्शुषा । 
अस्तीति ब्रुवतोऽन्यत्र कथं तदुपलभ्यते ॥ १२ ॥

naiva vācā na manasā prāptuṃ śakyo na cakśuṣa
astīti bruvato’nyatra kathaṃ tadupalabhyate

Katha Upanishad Chapter 2.3 Verse 8

This Supreme Being God cannot be known by speech or organs of action, nor by, mind, nor by the eyes or power of vision because God is beyond the reach of these organs of cognition and actions. But surely, It exists here, now and everywhere. It is realized by those who have tremendous wish and will and faith. It can never be realized by those who never believe in It, who do not have faith. How will it be possible for those, who do not accept It?

एतस्माज्जायते प्रणो मनः सर्वेन्द्रियाणि च । 
खं वायुर्ज्योतिरापः पृथिवी विश्वस्य धारिणी ॥ ३ ॥

etasmājjāyate praṇo manaḥ sarvendriyāṇi ca
khaṃ vāyurjyotirāpaḥ pṛthivī viśvasya dhāriṇī

Mundaka Upanishad Chapter 2.1 Verse 3

The Supreme Being, Param Brahmam is Formless and beyond mind, intellect, ego, sense organs, etc. Yet It can do everything and can get everything done. From this All Mighty Supreme Being, at the beginning of the Creation, Prana (Primordial Life Energy), Mind (The Inner Self), all the internal organs, space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, which supports all beings, i.e. these five great basic elements, all and more are born from it.

May God and the Great Masters, Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you.

With much love and humbleness,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

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