true identity

The True Eternal Identity

Dear Godlike Friends,

Humble Pranams. Loving Greetings. Hope you are doing fine and so also your family members and friends. As per the Laws of Nature, nothing is everlasting or permanent. The only light beyond the tunnel of Creation is the Self-effulgent Soul, your own dearest Soul, your true eternal identity. The SAT CHIT ANANDA, Blissful, Self, You.

Life is to be Lived

It is worthwhile repeating the Truth about life, i.e. Life is to be lived – Lived happily, healthily, harmoniously, helpingly, positively, and lovingly. The common complaint is that one is the ideal person and willing to live the ideal life, but, others will not let one do so, will not co-operate. Hence, one is under stress and suffering.

The God’s Zoo

There is no point or justification in complaining. One is not the only Creation of God. The world or the Creation can be termed as God’s zoo. There are too many species of Beings. As zoos have enclosures, similarly Gods zoo has enclosures but, subtle and invisible ones. Yet it is very effective. More interesting is the zookeeper, who is lodged within every human being of the zoo. The moment one realizes that the supreme zookeeper is in one’s own heart, there are no more enclosures of the zoo. Only one zookeeper exists and the vague idea of a zoo with no enclosures.

May God and Gurus Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you and your whole family.

With Love and Best Wishes,
Paramahansa Atmananda Ji

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