Who is a Great Souled Person?

The True Knower

बुभुक्षुरिह संसारे मुमुक्षुरपि दृश्यते।
भोगमोक्षनिराकांक्षी विरलो हि महाशयः॥१७- ५॥

bubhukṣuriha saṃsāre mumukhyurapi dṛuśyate
bhogamokṣanirākhangkṣhī viralo hi mahāśayaḥ

Ashtavakra Samhita Chapter 17 Verse 5

People with desires for worldly enjoyments and people with desires for liberation, both are found in this world. But it is rare to find a great-souled person, who is neither desirous of enjoyments nor of liberation.


सुखदुःखे जन्ममृत्यू दैवादेवेति निश्चयी।
साध्यादर्शी निरायासः कुर्वन्नपि न लिप्यते॥११- ४॥

sukhaduḥkhe janmamṛutyū daivādeveti niśchayī
sādhyādarśī nirāyāsaḥ kurvannapi na lipyate

Ashtavakra Samhita Chapter 11 Verse 4

The person who knows definitely, that, happiness and unhappiness, birth and death, are due to the past actions, does not find anything to accomplish. Thus he becomes free from worry, anxiety, and tensions. He is not attached even if engaged in actions.

Test of Self Realization

अंतस्त्यक्तकषायस्य निर्द्वन्द्वस्य निराशिषः।
यदृच्छयागतो भोगो न दुःखाय न तुष्टये॥३- १४॥

aṃtastyaktakaṣāyasya nirdvandvasya nirāśiṣaḥ
yadṛucchayāgato bhogo na duḥkhāya na tuṣṭaye

Ashtavakra Samhita Chapter 11 Verse 4

The person who has given up worldly attachments from his mind and who is beyond the pairs of opposites and is also free from desires to such a person any experience, coming as a matter of course, does not cause either pleasure or pain.

May God, Gurus, Bless, Guide, Protect and Inspire you.

With Love and Blessings to you. Humbly,
Paramahansa Atmananda ji

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